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AAVV - Gaelic Ireland
Gaelic Ireland

EUCD 2414
ARC Music
1 CD

The Irish singing tradition is both traditional and contemporary as the traditional repertoire has been handed down over the centuries and as it keep on being always enriched and revitalized by changes. Edited by John O'Regan, a journalist specializing in folk and traditional music, the album "Gaelic Ireland" offers Irish songs interpreted with or without accompaniment, with arrangements sometimes more traditional and others more modern. To interpret this rich and varied repertoire some of the most important artists of the Irish folk like Katie McMahon, The Dubliners, Brian Kennedy, Cran, Brendan Begley, Altan and many others. "Gaelic Ireland" Irish is a blast from the past, but with an eye to the present.

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AAVV - 34° Festival Interceltique de Lorient  (L’album officiel 18 titres + 1 bonus DVD)
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Kevin Conneff
Brian Kennedy
Diarmuid O Suilleabhain
Brendan Begley
Roisin Elsafty
Sean 'Ac Dhonncha
The Dubliners
Sean De Hòra
Eilis Kennedy
Ann Mulqeen
Finola O Siochru
Na Fili
Ger Wolfe
Lasairfhiona Nì Chonaola
Tony McMahon


CABIT - Tre Re dall'Oriente / La Stella Cometa
from CD "Unico Figlio"
21 August 2019 - h:21.00
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza
Biennale di Pittura
Padru (OT) - Italy

23 August 2019 - h:20.00

28 August 2019 - h:21.00
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza
Festival "Suoni da Finis Terrae"
San Teodoro (OT) - Italy

21 September 2019 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Tagliolo Monferrato (AL)

27 October 2019 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree, Caitlinn nic Gowan, Ciarán Ó Maonaigh
Padova (PD) - Italy

14 November 2019 - h:20.00
Birkin Tree
Frankfurt - Germany

16 November 2019
Abdo/ Buda / Marconi(Karsilama)

- Chezy en Orxois


23 December 2019 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piper's Night
Apricale (IM) - Italy

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