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AAVV - 41° Festival Interceltique Lorient
41° Festival Interceltique Lorient

KMCD 537
1 CD

The Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival celebrated its 41th anniversary in August 2011.
In that year, 2011, Celtic and Breton forgot their discrepancies and wished to anchor the festival in a process of mixing and sharing together their happiness. Musicians, singers, dancers and artists from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Galicia, Asturias, Britain, the USA, Canada or Australia gave new life to the
port of Lorient for 10 days and 10 nights.

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Luz Casal
The Waterboys
Hugues Aufray & Eddy Mitchell
The Chieftains & Los Folkloristas
Denez Prigent
Cecile Corbel
Tri Yann
T with the Maggies
Old Man Luedecke
Hadley J. Castille
Mhaiki Hall Trio
Ta Fechu
Penoyrus Male Choir


CABIT - Tre Re dall'Oriente / La Stella Cometa
from CD "Unico Figlio"
21 March 2019 - h:21.30
Michel Balatti & Michael Bryan
Club il Giardino
Lugagnano di Sona (VR) - Italy

30 March 2019 - h:21.00
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza
Barnasants Festival
Barcelona - Spain

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