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Antonio VIVENZIO / Alberto PEDERNESCHI - Prima Luz
Prima Luz

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PRIMA LUZ It’s the debut album of Antonio VIVENZIO (piano) and Alberto PEDERNESCHI (drums) duo.The CD is characterized by constant attention to sound and timber creativity and for the absolute freedom of improvisation on thematic and harmonic material. VIVENZIO's piano follows Bill Evans' footsteps and is always well anchored to dreamful melodies and sounds. PEDERNESCHI's drumming musicality takes inspiration from Paul Motian and Joey Baron.

The album is a journey through an immediate and original meditative universe, a music refreshing and enchanting with magic. The representation of a place where to shelter from the urban stresses.
The eight compositions, all signed by the duo, are short stories that take the listener in well-characterized landscapes into a sort of narrative path.
The listener is immersed in multi faced universes never missing spontaneity.

The album opens with enchanting theme of Stazione, which introduces the audience to the ethereal and bright atmosphere that marks the music of Prima Luz. The delicate groove cadenced in 5/4 of L'Ultimo Ballo (last dance) narrates a more melancholic story, with the flavour of overseas. At the centre of the work there is Ombre sospese, where free improvisation takes over. Sound is the element that drives the two musicians in this almost mystical quest. Same in the delicate In viaggio Part I and in the hypnotic Part II, where PEDERNESCHI's drums contrasts the calm of narrative with an energetic vitality and unpredictable dynamics.

ANTONIO VIVENZIO - Graduated with the highest marks at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan and with praise at Civic Jazz Courses. He studied with teachers Paolo Birro, Greg Burk, Antonio Zambrini and Franco D'Andrea. He has also worked with Enrico Intra Civic Jazz Band. He is part of some original projects including Marcella Malacrida 5et, The Guilty Lab, Andrea Andreoli 5et, with whom he has recorded several albums. Leading his own trio recorded Canyon in 2016, his first album with original compositions. In 2013 he won the first prize in Chicco Bettinardi competition for New Talents of Italian Jazz. He has participated in numerous festivals and festivals and has performed with musicians such as Randy Brecker, Dick Oatts, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Rava, Sarah McKenzie, Gianluigi Trovesi, Emanuele Cisi, Tullio De Piscopo.

ALBERTO PEDERNESCHI - Mainly self-taught, he deepens the study of the instrument through workshops with Joey Baron, Giorgio Di Tullio, John Riley, Anthony Moreno. He studied percussion with Gilson Silveira. He is currently collaborating with Alberto Tacchini, (Turbogolfer), Val Bonetti and since 2016 he conceives Microcosmo, a project in only for prepared drums and laptops. He played in several festivals, collaborating and recording with: Lucia Bosè, Roberto Dani, Giovanni Nuti, Yuri Goloubev, Thomas Schrott, Alberto N.A. Turra, Patricia Zanco, Yuriko Mikami, Felice Clemente, Simone Mauri, Luca Dell'Anna, Simone Massaron, Simone Maggio, a.o..

Antonio VIVENZIO / Alberto PEDERNESCHI from Felmay Shop

Antonio VIVENZIO / Alberto PEDERNESCHI - Prima Luz


Antonio Vivenzio piano
Alberto Pederneschi drums


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