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GUO GAN TRIO  - Gobi Desert (China Turkey)
Gobi Desert (China Turkey)

fy 8260
Felmay Records
1 CD

The CD is pervaded by a music with an immediate emotional grip, evocative of wide spaces and able to stimulate the imagination of the listener. The suggestive sound of the erhu and the bright one of the baglama in an equal relationship collaborate the musical thread supported by percussion, never intrusive. The collaboration of the musicians dates back several years and led them to a symbiotic musical understanding in which their instruments dialogue in the various compositions of the program (mostly of original pieces).

The musical explorations of GUO GAN, virtuoso of the erhu (characteristic Chinese bowed instrument) continue. Here he meets the baglama (long handle lute of the Anatolian music) by EMRE GULTEKIN. Guo Gan, on the seventh CD with Felmay presents with Gobi Desert his trio formed with two valid Turkish musicians. In the opening piece, which also gives the title to the CD , the atmosphere created by the lyrical sound of the erhu is supported by the percussions that create a suspended soundscape. The melody counterpointed by Emre Gultekin's arpeggios winds slowly in a free sound environment, full of creative and evocative possibilities. Kocaoglan Pacarani sees EMRE in the foreground, he takes charge carrying the melody supported by the deep and majestic sound of the bendir. The whole CD is pervaded by a music with an immediate emotional grip, evocative of wide spaces and able of stimulate the imagination of the listener. The dreamlike sound of the erhu and the bright sound of the baglama intertwine in an equal relationship and collaborate in developing a logical thread, always supported by percussion, that never become predominant. The collaboration between musicians, that dates back several years, led them to a symbiotic musical understanding in which their instruments dialogue in the various compositions, mostly originals: two penned by Guo Gan, three by Gultekin and one co-signed by the two, plus a traditional arranged by Guo Gan for solo erhu.

GUO GAN, master of erhu, who became the ambassador of his instrument in the world, has over the years accustomed us to unusual and unexpected encounters. We remember the one with the rare and unknown instruments with LOUP BARROW (fy 8228) and the wonderful combination with the balafon player ALY KEITA (fy 8243). Born in Shenyang (China) into a family of artists, he began studying the erhu at the age of four. In 2001 he moved to Paris to extend his musical experiences. Since then, he has collaborated with many renowned artists: Lang Lang, Hans Zimmer, Gabrel Yared, Yvan Cassar, Didier Lockwood, Jean-François Zygel, also participating in the recording of film soundtracks and sharing erhu and the Chinese traditions with other musical cultures through collaborations with Jan Garbarek, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Rokia Traoré, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou, and Mariam, Issa Bagayogo, Aly Keita, Habib Koité, a.o. s. In April 2016 he was awarded the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Embassy in China, for his contribution to the development of cultural exchanges and the creation of new areas of encounter between French and Chinese musicians.

EMRE GULTEKIN, born in 1980 in Louvière (Belgium) began the study of baglama with his father Lütfü and later improved with masters Talip Özkan and Mustafa Karaçeper. Over the years he has collaborated with various musicians from different backgrounds such as Dadmehr (Iran), Malick Pathé Sow (Senegal), Goran Bregoviç (Serbia). He composed soundtracks for films and plays in various artistic projects with which he has toured the world: Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin, Osuna, Guo Gan & Emre Gültekin duo. He teaches baglama in Brussels. His CD Karin, with duduk Armenian player Vardan Hovanissian achieved a great success with audiences and critics reaching the first place in the Transglobal World Music Chart in January 2019.

YILDIRIM is considered one of the modern pioneers of percussion in the Middle East and together with its elder brother Ahmet Misirli is opening new path in the percussionist world with the integration of lesser known traditional instruments such as the doholla now transformed into a solo instrument. It is an Egyptian percussion in terracotta and goat skin, cow or donkey, originally used as an accompaniment tool in Arab music. Starting from the instrumental technique elaborated by his brother, Levent has subsequently incorporated techniques of other cultures in the study of instrument creating a personal synthesis of the various Arab, Turkish, Indian and western influences, greatly expanding the sound range of the doholla and arriving at an approach to the instrument completely original.

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GUO GAN TRIO  - Gobi Desert (China Turkey)
GUO Gan Trio - Jasmine Flower


1. Gobi Desert
2. Kocaoglan Pacarani
3. Chinese Bike
4. Tera Kiya
5. Harput
6. Parting at Yang Guan Pass
7. Biday derya


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