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FEDERICO MARCHESANO - Atalante  - Atalante

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Atalante is the new musical project of Italian double bass player Federico Marchesano. The band’s name is a tribute to the eponymous poetic and surrealistic Jean Vigo’s movie Atalante in which Atalante is a house boat that sails through the French rivers around which the events of Jean and Juliette, develop, encountering desolate and intimate soundscapes. After their debut at the Torino Jazz Festival (that in 2018 commissioned the project ) the band had several live performances, now followed by this recording. Their sound is mainly centred Marchesano’s powerful double bass and the Louis SCLAVIS' bass clarinet lyrical voice.

Atalante is the new musical project of Italian double bass player FEDERICO MARCHESANO. Born from a a project commissioned by the Turin Jazz Festival 2018, the group is made up of Louis Sclavis on clarinet and bass clarinet, Enrico Degani on classical guitar, Mattia Barbieri on drums and Federico Marchesano on double bass. The quartet's name pays homage to the eponymous, poetic and surreal film by Jean Vigo. The Atalante is a house-boat and which runs along the French river network, around which the events of Jean and Juliette, two young spouses, develop. MARCHESANO's compositions take inspiration from this image. They hover between writing and improvisation, embracing minimalism, psychedelic and jazz, drawing desolate and intimate soundscapes, sometimes crossed by lashes of pure rock energy. The sound of the group is strongly characterized by the dark tones of double bass and bass clarinet, to which are added two other acoustic instruments, the classical guitar and the drums. MARCHESANO's compositions, poised between writing and improvisation embrace jazz, minimalism and psychedelic, fully inserting themselves in the panorama of European jazz.

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FEDERICO MARCHESANO - Atalante  - Atalante


1 Le voci di dentro (6:16)
2 Germinale (5:01)
3 La vita felice (6:10)
4 Terra (3:15)
5 Vigo (6:55)
6 Atalante (6:04)
7 Shipwrecked (5:54)
8 Sur la montagne (2:06)


Louis Sclavis: Bass Clarinet
Federico Marchesano: Cdouble ass /composiztions
Enrico Degani: acoustic guitar
Mattia Barbieri: drums

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