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TRIO ARGIA - Microcosmi

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Argia is a small spider usually hidden under the stones. When it bites only the ecstasy of a dance, the sound of old melodies can heal. Pain is defeated by Sound, Evil by Rhythm: music returns to the origins, a medicine to curate men from suffering.
Argia is the suggestive name of a trio that, formed by Alberto BALIA, Enrico FRONGIA e Riccardo LAI, unifies the different experiences of three members collected through the years.
Argia is the title of the 1985 recording (today available in CD via Robi Droli) of BALIA and FRONGIA, one of the first example of World Music in Sardinia.
Between the very first recording and MICROCOSMI, new release of the group, the various members have, alone or with other bands, developed their researches on the heritage of their land and opened their horizons; today they are considered one of the best and most original ensemble of the roots and acoustic music in the island.
Their repertoire is formed of compositions and songs with strong influences of their musical background and traditional texts by Sardinian poets. Dance songs (Sa danza in "Swing", Ballittu) alternates to religious chants (Aggius, Gobbura) and love songs, love for woman (Serenada de Ierru Aggius) and their homeland (Sulcis).
The music, all original by the three members of the band, blends typical elements of the Sardinian folklore, especially in the vocal parts, with jazz and sometimes almost contemporary music influences. A showcase also for the dexterity of the musicians.

Alberto BALIA, guitar, composer and researcher of folk traditions. After beggining in rock and soul bands in the 70s he got in touch with traditional music. He has workied for most of the 70s with Caterina Buneo, very important singer of folk music; with her BALIA has toured in Italy and abroad. In 1980 starts his collaboration with Riccardo Tesi (melodeon) and Enrico Frongia. In 1985 is one of the founder of Ritmia with Tesi, Frongia and Craighead, one the most seminal band of roots music in Italy. He has also been member of the group Sonos, whith whom recoded and played worlwide, and has taken part ot projects with jazzmen like Lester Bowie and Don Cherry.
Enrico FRONGIA, voice, guitar and small percussion, started his carrier in the 70s with folk music and the tradition buskers (street artists). He has worked long time with Caterina Bueno and thru this experience he got in touch with Alberto BALIA. Founder of the group Ritmia, and then in duo with BALIA recorded Argia (1985). Member of Sonos, recording with them and touring in Europe, America and Australia.
Riccardo LAY, double-bass, has played, toured and recorded with the best Italian jazz players. In 1988 recorded his first solo album, Totem, with the collaboration of Alberto BALIA. In 1995 during the Sinnos Dè Eranu Festival in Olbia has conducted the production for voice and acoustic instruments Emmas World Orchestra.

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TRIO ARGIA - Microcosmi


Alberto Balia acoustic & battente guitar, clarinet, voice, benas
Enrico Frongia voice, acoustic guitar, shakers
Riccardo Lai double bass, voice
Eugenio Lugliè flute(1-5)
Paolo Sanna percussion(2,4,5,7,8)
Alessandro Garau drums (1,3)

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