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TROVESI Gianluigi & CENTAZZO Andrea - Shock !!
TROVESI Gianluigi & CENTAZZO Andrea
Shock !!

RDC 5043

Newtone Records

1 CD

Andrea CENTAZZO and Gianluigi TROVESI, two among the most important Italian jazz musicians, recorded these tracks in 1984.
CENTAZZO and TROVESI met the first time in New York in 1978. CENTAZZO was touring the States to perform with some of the most outstanding exponents of the improvised music scene of the time: Eugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser, Rova Sax Quartet, John Zorn, Tom Cora, just to name a few. Most of the music of this tour was recorded and then issued on Parachute, Metalanguage and Ictus Records. Music we are proposing again in CD format in this Series: The Bay, with Rova Saxophone Quartet; Environment for Sextet, with a group including Zorn, Bradfield, Chadbourne, Kondo e Corra; Usa Concerts West with J. Carter, Vinnie Golia, Greg Goodman; Usa Concerts East with J. Zorn, LaDonna Smith, D. Williams, T. Kondo, E. Chadbourne and others. TROVESI, rising star of the jazz music in Italy, was playing at The Public Theater with Giorgio Gaslini band, ironically the same group Centazzo started his carrier wuth and had just left.
The unforeseen meeting between the two musicians, who know of each other but never met personally, began a relationship to be continued in the following years. Two years after TROVESI became member of the MittelEuropa Orchestra, touring and recording with this large ensemble that at the time was collecting some of the best Italian musicians and some European guest stars (Carlos Zingaro, Albert Mangelsdorf, Theo Jorgesmann, a.o.).
The feeling
between TROVESI and CENTAZZO gave birth also to a duo set. Several concerts and this recording are the result of that friendship. As you can easily notice exists between the two players a very rare community. The music is not just a live jam sessions, but the various moments and moods carefully planned. The tracks alternate moments very intense to other more subtle and refined. TROVESI, with a very personal phrasing, shows already his interest in the ethnic traditions that today are a trademark of his style. CENTAZZO goes along with the reedman with a percussive technique that includes the drum kit but also melodic instruments as marimbas, vibraphone, with a full display of his musical language that alternate more percussive moments to others more fluid and sparse.

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TROVESI Gianluigi & CENTAZZO Andrea - Shock !!


Andrea Centazzo premiere drum set, paiste gongs & cymbals, vibes, marimba
Gianluigi Trovesi bass clarinet, clarino piccolo, alto & soprano sax

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