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CENTAZZO / FAVRE - Dialogues

RDC 5039
Newtone Records
1 CD

Release in CD of Dialogues, originallly issued in 1978 on Ictues Records.
Andrea CENTAZZO writes in his linear notes of the CD: «Dialogues was the second percussion-only album I recorded at the beginning of the my career, after the solo album Fragmentos. It was a work I really wanted to do because it meant a lot to me, far more than the musical experience itself. In fact when I met Pierre FAVRE and Wengen in 1970 in Switzerland at the Summer Holiday Jazz Clinic, I was on my first adventure as a music student on the international scene and still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do with my life. I loved percussion, jazz and music but I had never measured swords in a professional situation. Pierre was the one who convinced me that music was my destiny and that I had the cards in my hand to express myself in the language of percussion. We became friends and studied together. As soon as the occasion arose, I invited him to hold a workshop in Italy. We played a duo concert and recorded this LP, Dialogues, that you can finally listen to in its real acoustic dimension, undisturbed by the compression and crackles of the LP. Never has there been a more appropriate title. In fact it refers to the little dialogues between a grown student and his teacher, between youthful vehemence and the experience of a seasoned musician, between the serenity of the Swiss Alps and the unrest in Italy during those years. This CD is a meeting of old friends whose hope for a better world is expressed through their music. Thank you, Pierre.

Dialogues is the seventh title of the reissue series of Ictus catalogue by Newtone Records.

Recorded & Mixed by A. Centazzo in Pistoia June 23 - 24, 1977

Originally issued as dialogues - ictus 0004

CENTAZZO / FAVRE from Felmay Shop

CENTAZZO / FAVRE - Dialogues


Andrea Centazzo percussion
Pierre Favre percussion


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