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RDC 5045
Newtone Records

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A meeting and a recording of high importance the one between ANDREA CENTAZZO, percussionist that has collaborated with all the most significant improvised music from the very beginning, and the soprano sax master STEVE LACY, one of the most outstanding artist in the history of jazz and improvised music.
The reprinting of Clangs gives to the listener the chance of enjoy again this recording, with an unissued bonus track, and rediscover the intact sharpness and brightness of this meeting, even 25 years later.
Meet LACY was for CENTAZZO, as he has declared many times, a turning point for the carrier of the Italian percussionist, he had for the first time the possibility to bring together his musical ideas with his high technical level. A revelation, a natural one for who already knows LACY's art: great dexterity, fluent phrasing, austere and surreal language with passion. A unique mixture.
In LACY the perfect equilibrium between tradition and experimentation is always present with very intense a beautiful moments. His language, apparently simple and structured in the typical formula - theme-solos-theme -, hides a rich texture of invention, a kaleidoscope of suggestions, timber researches that solves in fascinating atmosphere where geometry and emotion go along together.
All this is well documented in Clangs, a recording that in the very vast discography of the saxophonists represents a very peculiar and significant chapter. Of course to obtain these musical results a great contribution of given by CENTAZZO's percussion art, an art that unifies precision and control with the heat of the sentiments. The interchange between the two performers in Clangs reaches very deep levels. Never one of the two musicians is simply following, or overwhelmed, by the other; instead they go along with a very rare togetherness that reveals the musical affinity between the two players.

Recorded Live in concert in Casarsa (Udine, Italy) - 20 february, 1976

Recording Engineer Leonardo Venturini
1 - 4, 6 originally released as Clangs - Ictus 0001
5 unissued

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STEVE LACY, soprano sax, bird calls, pocket synthetizer
ANDREA CENTAZZO, percussion, drum set, vocals


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