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KIENOU Amadou et Son Ensemble FOTEBAN - Tabaali
KIENOU Amadou et Son Ensemble FOTEBAN

Fy 8108
World Music

Dunya Records
Burkina Faso
1 CD

Hailing from Burkina Faso, a country poor in economic terms but with a rich cultural heritage that is kept alive by more than sixty ethnic groups, AMADOU KIENOU is back with a new CD Tabali following his last outing Sya (fy 8083). Accompanying him on this occasion are the Ensemble Foteban, comprising Abou Dramane Konate (djembe), Oumarou Kienou (doundoun), Dara Sanou (vocals, thianhoun, balafon), Iussoufou Kienou (guitar, tama, vocals), Salimata Jienou (vocals, djitafie, djabara) and Korotinimi Ina Kienou (vocals, djabara).

A born griot from the Mande culture, AMADOU KIENOU, a singer and master of the djembe (a drum carved from a tree-trunk) has years of experience under his belt whether playing for ritual occasions of his native burkinabé community or accompanying top African musicians the likes of Manu Dibango, Youssou N’Dour and Baba Maal.
On Tabali AMADOU KIENOU creates the space for a fruitful instrumental that multiplies the possibilities of polyrhythms and gives birth to a palette of beautiful sounds. The CD’s tracks all penned by KIENOU himself are extremely varied in both form and content: a critique of man’s rapacity is placed alongside a sweet melody designed to console a girl separated from her conscripted beloved. Elsewhere Kienou pays equal homage to those who work hard for the family and the village and to the festive, happy atmosphere of the city of Ouagadougou, a city where peace and respect for moral values reign. A song in memory of Kienou’s beloved father, thanking him for transmitting his own passion for music to his children sits alongside one celebrating the exploits of Diawara, hunter and warrior of legend, renowned for his strength and cunning. Throughout, the myriad rhythms of Burkina Faso are interwoven with an extremely modern sensibility but there’s also space to return to the past for a traditional women’s dance. Always direct in its approach, Keinou’s is a music that comes straight from the heart.

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KIENOU Amadou et Son Ensemble FOTEBAN - Tabaali


Amadou Kienou
& Son Ensemble Foteban
Abou Dramane Konate
Oumarou Kienou
Dara Sanou
Iussoufou Kienou
Salamata Jienou
Korotinimi Ina Kienou

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