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AAVV - Circo Inferno Cabaret vol.3 (Pentole & Computer, Orange Blossom, Warsaw Village Band, Frame, Mau Mau, Giorgio Li Calzi ...)
Circo Inferno Cabaret vol.3 (Pentole & Computer, Orange Blossom, Warsaw Village Band, Frame, Mau Mau, Giorgio Li Calzi ...)

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Dunya Records
Global Fusion
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After having explored the music of the Mediterranean, in particular that of the Balcan region, in its first two volumes, Circo Inferno Cabaret, promoted by Santarcangelo dei Teatri, dedicates its third volume to a particular notion of electronic music, one which stresses the ties, references and modifictations which permeate, lacerate and perforate electronica when it is brought into contact with more styles and genres of music that have had more time to sediment. Thus the listener can appreciate the deep ethnic vein that haunts tracks by bands like Orange Blossom, the young Poles of the Warsaw Village Band and Italy’s own Mau Mau, as well the incursions into daily life hidden in the machinic textures of Pentole & Computer. With Frame and Retina, by contrast, we discover glacial, highly variegated rhythmic pulses that effortlessly nudge drifting bodies in a transparent amniotic fluid. Turning to songwriting composition we run into our old friend Steve Piccolo featured here on two tracks along with cohorts Gak Sato and Luca Gemma, who give us a state of the art, “distorted” take on the humble pop song. Both ancient and modern is the post-rock of Velma who artfully weave together minimalist and psychedelic elements, while Noorda though operating in a similar camp, favour stripped down, trip-hoppy blues. And after the tastily ironic global stew cooked up by Shatadoo there’s still the artful electro-jazz of Vince Vasi Qy Lungh and the neo-Brazilian grooves of Giorgio Li Calzi, who deftly rewrites saudade-saturated songs with his electronic pen. Volume III of Circo Inferno Cabaret is a compilation that lives up to the “no limits, no boundaries” aesthetic of the first two volumes.

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1. Pentole & Computer . Tomar y provocar (Marco Messina - Gennaro De Rosa) 4'02
2. Orange Blossom . Habibi (Leila Bounous - Carlos Robles Arenas) 5'00
3. Warsaw Village Band . At my mother’s (trad. - arr. Warsaw Village Band) 4'18
4. Frame . From y to z (Davide Mastropaolo - Leandro Sorrentino) 5'14
5. Steve Piccolo - Gak Sato - Luca Gemma . Transrussian lecture
(Luca Gemma - Steve Piccolo) 5'32
6. Velma . Rouge (Christian Garcia - Stéphane Vecchione - Christophe Jaquet) 3'35
7. Mau Mau . Bentornata nel campo (Luca Morino - Fabio Barovero) 5'19
8. Shatadoo . Dalla terra
(Gerard Antonio Coatti - Pasquale Russo - Aladji Birame Niang) 3'50
9. Vince Vasi Qy Lunch . Tek (Vincenzo Vasi) 5'26
10. Giorgio Li Calzi . Mala dos segredos feat. Sérgio Arara
(Sérgio Luiz De Oliveira - Giorgio Li Calzi) 4'19
11. Noorda . Untitled blues (Gionata Bettini - Cesare Malfatti - Stefano Ghittoni) 3'08
12. Frame . Music for a merged bubble (Davide Mastropaolo - Leandro Sorrentino) 4'06
13. Steve Piccolo - Gak Sato - Luca Gemma . Wasting days
(Steve Piccolo - Gak Sato - Egle Sommacal) 7'34
14. Retina.it . Zafari (Lino Monaco - Nicola Buono) 5'48

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