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BANDA OLIFANTE - Banda Olifante
Banda Olifante

Fy 7030

Felmay Records
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We are always pleased to continue our methodical research, to be able to disclose emerging new artists and groups to passionate fans and this time we are proud to present you the debut recording of a full-size Italian brass band that, we are certain, will not fail to arouse interest and curiosity.
BANDA OLIFANTE, which can boast in its ranks musicians of vast experience, is founded on an ensemble made up of a dozen elements essentially based on the interaction of wind and percussion instruments. The group is guided, in its artistic and musical choices, by Stefano Bertozzi (clarinets and alto sax) and Massimo Eusebio (darabouka, percussion), who offer an articulated repertoire rich in stylistic nuances. If the name may recall the image of a classic marching band committed to cheer the local feast, right from the very first track we are introduced into an enlarged and international reality. Countless are the affinities with Jazz Big Bands, as well as similarities to Afro-Funk formations, and references to the Balkan (filtrated in an elegant and refined dimension) and the South American world. The whole work is refined according to a very original taste that tends to metabolize hints for the listener overlapping polyphonies of excellent composition and continuous rhythmic variations draw.
To launch their debut disk, many prestigious guests have contributed, as a demonstration of obvious value of the ensemble. The French Michel Godard has thus added the ironic dynamism of his tuba, Frank London brought a bit of New York downtown Klezmer heritage style, Cesare Dell'Anna added the Mediterranean fire of which his trumpet is capable of, the Senegalese As Niang conveyed the magic of the "talking drums", Simone Zanchini infused the brilliant poetry of his accordion. Last arrived on the Italian brass band scene, BANDA OLIFANTE rises from its very beginning to the summits of the specialties, offering us a sound of frontier open to many influences nevertheless far from being fragmented, devoid of content or simplistically restyled.

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BANDA OLIFANTE - 10.000 Migrants
BANDA OLIFANTE - Banda Olifante

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