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LALGUDI Vijayalakshmi   / Mala CHANDRASHEKAR / Jaishree JAIRAJ - Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham
LALGUDI Vijayalakshmi / Mala CHANDRASHEKAR / Jaishree JAIRAJ
Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham

Fy 8152
World Music

Felmay Records
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The renewal of Indian music of classical tradition also passes through recordings as Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham, in which you can listen to a high quality and originality female trio. What's new is represented by particular instrumental choice , which sees involved a violin, a flute and a veena, the latter, here in the type Saraswati, is the instrument that in Southern India better embodies the Carnatic tradition. The performers involved are respectively LALGUDI VJ VIJAYALAKSHMI, MALA CHANDRASHEKAR and JAISHREE JAIRAJ, engaged in a repertoire of great beauty and attraction that does not fail to involve the listener from the very first notes. The project proposes what in the 60’s was one of the historical groups of Indian music. Lalgudi G Jayaraman, the father of Vijayalakshmi and one of the masters of violin of the last century, had indeed founded a similar group including Dr N ramani, flute, and R. Venkatraman, veena accompanied by two players of mridangam. A true milestone in Carnatic Indian music.
After 40 years VJ H resumed that idea and presents us with an all female version of it while maintaining the pioneering musical force and emotional power of the original group. Also those that are not familiar with Indian music, and in particular with Carnatic Indian music, are soon involved in all solo and collective movements. Purity of sound, precision of touch or performance, emotional participation allow the trio to deploy a special creative energy. The dialogue between the three instruments unwinds equally, with continuous exchanges, a call and response "Triangle" continually changed and improved. The violinist Lalgudi VIJAYALAKSHMI belongs to a family of musicians and together with the father and teacher Lalgudi G Jayaraman and to her brother Lalgudi GJR Krishnan has been already protagonist of other recordings for our label (Singing Violins, Fy 8094; Bow To The Violins, Fy 8105; Violin Soul, Fy 8121; Violin Waves, Fy 8130), which testify her unique style and very representative, to our days, of the Carnatic musical tradition. Mala CHANDRASHEKAR is an excellent flute (venu) player, clever both to perpetuate the classic patterns of her instrument as well as to meet the needs of the public before which she is to perform. The veena player Jaishree JAIRAJ has grown to the school of important masters, whose teachings have helped in short time, to become one of the main artists of All India Radio. Together with her husband Jeyaraaj Krishnan she usually holds duets concerts for veena that are making her renowned also abroad. Kallidaikurichi Sivakuma to mridangam and N. Guruprasad to ghatam are the two musicians accompanying at the percussion, discreet and precise as necessary, to contribute to the success of a disk really unique in its kind.

LALGUDI Vijayalakshmi / Mala CHANDRASHEKAR / Jaishree JAIRAJ from Felmay Shop

LALGUDI Vijayalakshmi   / Mala CHANDRASHEKAR / Jaishree JAIRAJ - Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham


Lalgudi Vj Vijayalakshmi - violin
Mala Chandrashekar - flute (veenu)
Jaishree Jairaj - veena
Kallidaikurichi Sivakuma - mridangam
N. Guruprasad - ghatam

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