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AAVV - Altai : Le Chant des Montagnes d'Or
Altai : Le Chant des Montagnes d'Or

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The Altaian people live in the Altai krai and mainly in the Altai Republic. Altaians practice several forms of throat song with various techniques: kai, karkiraa, komoi, sikit, sybsysky, sygyt; the five last ones are overtone singing, i.e. the singer emits a fundamental note and harmonics at the same time. There are numerous occasions to listen to them, in village celebrations and cultural centres as well as in the theatres of Gorno-Altaisk. The most commonly found instrument is the two-string lute topsuur, notably used to accompany epics. Altaians also play a two-string fiddle, the ikili, as well as three kinds of flutes — sibiski soor and komurgaï — the homus jaw harp and the dünmür frame drum, once used for shamanic rituals.

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