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ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica diretta da Ambrogio Sparagna - Taranta d'amore
ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA dell'Auditorium Parco della Musica diretta da Ambrogio Sparagna
Taranta d'amore

MR 022 CD
Parco della Musica Records
1 CD

This album collects a selection of songs coming from the heart of the oral tradition culture of southern and central Italy, the music of which, inspired by the forms and the expressive ways of Tarantella, has been elaborated and composed directly by Ambrogio SPARAGNA, adapting them to the specific sounds of the ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA. An ancient form of dancing music, the Tarantella with its typical rhythmical breakneck ternary, has deeply influenced the repertoire of many Italian folk songs, particularly those common in the vast area of the Apennines. From the second half of the XIX century, thanks to the large diffusion of the diatonic accordion, which has become the main instrument of the Italian folk tradition, these repertoires have been renewed and enriched, generating new expressive ways, as a result of the encounter between archaic pastoral musical conceptions and new expressive ways. SPARAGNA rediscovers and reinvents these rhythms through the ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA, a great sound team where the protagonists are the typical instruments of the Italian folk music tradition: bagpipes, traditional oboes, diatonic accordions, tambourines, mandolins, violins, battente guitars, hurdy-gurdies, lyres, ocarinas and traditional flutes. Guided by the whirly rhythm of the Taranta, this collection offers one of the distinctive features of the oral traditional music: to be strongly tied to the real evolution of life, an existential universe beaten by the seasonal cycles and by the liturgical calendar, where the music had a social function, acknowledged by the belonging community.

ORCHESTRA POPOLARE ITALIANA comprehends some of the most important musicians of the Roman area, such as Erasmo Treglia, leader of Acquaragia Drom, Mario Epifani, mandola and mandolin virtuoso, Clara Graziano, leader of Circo Diatonico, Mario Giudici, Raffaello Simeoni, a. o.

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