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OPA CUPA - Centro di Permanenza Temporanea
Centro di Permanenza Temporanea

11 / 8 Records (Italia)
1 CD

Centro di permanenza temporanea (Detention center) is dedicated to Albania Hotel, in the countryside of Salento, a residence open to immigrants, travellers, musicians home of artists and passersby.

OPA CUPA represents a music that looks to the Mediterranean, the stuff you can find on the beaches of Salento in winter, the drawings on the walls of evacuee centers and detention centers, the sea that separates our land from those that border on the other side, people in despair who face up to sea crossings hoping for a better future, the bodies lost in the same sea that receives and cools in summer. Our work is the result of resistance to institutional policies of dis-integration.
The third work by OPA CUPA focus on the sounds from the Balkans, but also treasure their experiences of southern Italy Bands and jazz.
The result is a repertoire of excellence, featuring the famous jazz standard My Favorite Things, an arrangement enriched by the rhythm in 7 / 8 which characterizes the Balkan jazz of OPA CUPA, in addition to new band marches composed by Cesare and Giancarlo Dell'Anna and the romantic interpretation of Ebb Tide, sound track of the legendary film Clowns by Federico Fellini. Finally, CPT, two useless words, «passionate dedication to the migrants who risk their lives to pursue a dream».
Great musicians, great singers in this new cd, Irene Lungo and Eva Salina Primak, for a transoceanic voyage of life energy.
Excellent artwork by Marcello Moscara: on cover Paride Marcos legendary tuba, deformed by an excess of joy during a tour in Albania.
In addition to many featuring artists, the band consists of Cesare and Giancarlo Dell'Anna on trumpet, Irene Lungo voice, Mauro Tre on farfisa, Ekland Hasa on piano, Marco Rollo on keyboards, Davide Arena and Luca Manno on sax, Stefano Valenzano on bass, Sergio Quagliarella on drums.
The CD is intended to raise founds in support of a Clinic by Emergency in Palermo, which provides free healt care to the resident immigrant population, with or without a Visa and to people in need.

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OPA CUPA - Centro di Permanenza Temporanea
OPA CUPA - Live in Contrada Tangano

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