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Lo Mau d'Amor

Fy 8180
World Music

Felmay Records
1 CD

Second work by TROBAIRITZ D’OC (feminine for Troubadour in Occitan). After their first self-produced CD, that raised a true enthusiasm especially in France (Bravo! from Tra Mag among other reviews) the two singers are back in the studios to thrill us with this new album: Lo mau d'amor.

A series of traditional compositions alternated by original compositions are the base of Lo mau d’amor. The choice of presenting themselves as a duo a cappella, giving up the usual option of using three voices , has represented a challenge and a reason of great originality.
Original and bold is the choice of widening the group: the new voice belongs to CLAUDIO CARBONI’s saxophones. Not a third voice as it was easily predictable, but a rhythmic base or a counter chant or even an element of disturbance.
The result is an innovative and successful work. A new interpretation of the centuries old vocal tradition respecting its foundation yet updating its impact by making it recognizable yet brand new.

TROBAIRITZ D’OC was founded in 2004 in Turin as a vocal duo exploring the Occitan Italian and French repertoire through new colors. The vocal duo, formed by Paola Lombardo and Valeria Benigni, founds its own experience on the synthesis of different musical backgrounds from which the two singers draw their formations: Paola stems out of Italian and Mediterranean folk; Valeria is a jazz singer with a great passion for musical traditions who took part to the foundation of the folk rock Occitan band Lou Dalfin.

CLAUDIO CARBONI, sax player in Bandaitaliana of Riccardo Tesi, takes part to the group from September 2008, thus answering the band’s desire of adding new colors to their sound.

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