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BANDA OLIFANTE - 10.000 Migrants
10.000 Migrants

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Following the successful debut CD (Banda Olifante - Felmay Records, 2009) the band from Romagna returns with a second CD, 10.000 Migrants, that, right from the title, refers to social issues and global sounds.

The two years passed between the two recordings have marked a fairly continuous work of the group which led to a greater interaction of the musicians. The sound becomes more complex. If the first recording ranged from Mexican folklore themes to the composition of Oliver Lake, to the leisurely rustic raids in the countryside of Romagna, with this new album the band moves towards shores more definable as jazzy. Of course, the heterodox approaches to compositions are present: listen to the song Le Chemin du Griot, focused on a long, fascinating kora solo by Mamadou Diabate, and more generally the long middle part that seems to build up in a suite; but overall the sound refers more strongly to the Afro-American tradition.
The rate of the solos has also increased, splendid solo moments now live side to side with dense sounds. Most of the compositions still bear of the signature of Stefano Bertozzi, but the solos are now more distributed and this allows for more tone variety throughout the recording.
Again you can find prestigious guests: the aforementioned Mamadou Diabaté kora (Grammy 2009), Matt Darriau on alto (Klezmatics, Paradox Trio) that stands out on two tracks, the brasses of Mauro Ottolini (Enrico Rava groups) in addition to other 15 musicians who, alternately, form the stable core of the ensemble.
Founded in 2008 by Massimo Eusebio and Stefano Bertozzi, in a few years BANDA OLIFANTE has performed a significant amount of concerts, with appearances in major international festival (Stanser Musiktage in Switzerland or Dorbirn in Austria) Based in Romagna (center Italy), the band has maintained close relations with national and international music world with strong African and North American influences establishing as well great collaborations (Frank London, Michel Godard, As Niang, Simon Zanchini, Cesare Dell’Anna). It has also been reviewed by major magazines and has broadcasted from numerous radio stations across Europe (Rai Radio 3, BBC Radio, Radio France, Radio Concertzender, Mapamundi Radio etc..).

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BANDA OLIFANTE - 10.000 Migrants
BANDA OLIFANTE - Banda Olifante

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