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AAVV - Capo Verde, Terra D’amore
Capo Verde, Terra D’amore

INC 139
World Music

Incipit Records
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Cape Verde "CAPE VERDE LAND OF LOVE", produced by the non-profit Numar UN, is a musical, cultural and humanitarian project entirely designed and developed by record producer Alberto Zeppieri, containing beautiful songs from the repertoire of the queen of world music, Cesaria Evora, his favorite author Teofilo Chantre, of TITO PARIS and other great Cape Verdeans artists, "contaminated" by the interpretations of excellent Italian and international performers. The album contains twelve Cape Verdean Creole tracks, adapted into Italian and reinterpreted by Cesaria by Teofilo Chantre and artists in line with the values and the style of the label and sensitive to the humanitarian aspects, including: Gigi D'Alessio Mario Lavezzi, Gianni Morandi, Antonella Ruggiero, Ornella Vanoni. "In the spring of 2006 - says Zeppieri - I was on holiday in Cape Verde and I 'looted' shops and stalls to get some local music, difficult to find in Europe. There was a song of 2000, I had never heard before. I do not know why but I imagined it sung by Ornella Vanoni in Italian. So I made a free adaptation and then I tried to suggest it Ornella. Two days after having sent an e-mail, the phone rings at 8:30 in the morning: "It's Ornella Vanoni, I am very interested in the song ...". The song was "Buona Vita" ("Roda Vida" in the original text in Creole), by Teofilo Chantre. From there it all started! "

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


1. Crepuscolare solitudine - Cesaria Evora, Gianni Morandi 4:42
2. Buona vita - Ornella Vanoni, Teofilo Chantre 4:46
3. La mia piccola citta' - Bungaro 5:20
4. Il cibo della festa - Giua 3:49
5. Incanto - Eugenio Bennato, Teofilo Chantre 5:33
6. Assenza - Patrizia Laquidara 6:08
7. Canta, mia amata Capo Verde - Teofilo Chantre 4:57
8. Segreti al chiar di luna - Lucilla Galeazzi, Peppe Voltarelli
9. Linda perez mimosa - Antonella Ruggiero 3:30
10. Sull'avenida marginal - Mario Lavezzi , Antonino 3:41
11. Questo amore - Grazia Di Michele 3:15
12. Ricordo d'infanzia - Cesaria Evora, Gigi D'Alessio 3:29

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