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The new album of the Apulian group joins the brass section and the melodeon, which evoke the South and the Balkans, gnawa rhythmics and a sinuous Saharan-inspired electric guitar. In the original lyrics the Odyssey of Ulysses is transposed into the figure of the migrant in the Mediterranean sea.

ODISSEA (“Odyssey”) is the title of the band’s new recording project that explores the sounds of North African music that the band has been practicing for some time. The original inspiration, born from the collaboration with the many artists met along the way in concerts and festivals, has been enriched by extensive research and targeted listening, and has led to a combination of the sounds of wind section and ” organetto” (which recalls south Italy and the Balkans) with the gnawa rhythms and a sinuous ‘Saharan’- inspired electric guitar.
The original lyrics, a combination of myth and current events, tell the stories of migrants (as in Odissea and Migrante), sometimes with irony (L’idea), other times in a poetic language (Stella della notte). The Odyssey of Ulysses is trapped in the figure of the migrant, who plows the seas to find himself or to improve his life conditions.
The Mediterranean has always been the sea of returns, this fully reflects in the stylistic elements found in BandAdriatica’s work: sounds coming from apparently distant countries mix together and unveil their common origin; the music travels simultaneously forward, driven by the experimentation, and back in time, in search of its identity.

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1. L’idea
2. Focu
3. Scilla
4. Migrante
5. Kalypso
6. Odissea
7. Argo
8. Stella della notte
9. Poseidon on the rocks
10. L’abbraccio di Cariddi


Claudio Prima : melodeon, voice
Emanuele Coluccia : saxes, horn
Vincenzo Grasso : clarinets
Andrea Perrone : trumpet
Gaetano Carrozzo : trombone
Morris Pellizzari : electric guitar, saz, mandolin
Giuseppe Spredicato : electric bass, tuba
Ovidio Venturoso : drums

Guests :
Giovanni Chirico : sax baritono
Antonio Castrignanò : voice, frame drum
Redi Hasa : cello
Simone Giorgino : voice
Roberto Chiga : frame drum
Lioness Afreeka : chorus
Federico Buttazzo, Alessandra Ferrari, Aldo Orlando, Maria Scogna : chorus


from the CD "Pracina Stomp"
16 November 2019 - h:21.00
Karsilama European tour

"Le Manoir Imaginaire",
Chezy en Orxois - France

17 November 2019 - h:21.00
Karsilama European tour

Péniche Anako,
face au 34 Quai de la Loire
75019 Paris - France

30 November 2019 - h:21.00
Karsilama European tour

Ronda Barcelona
c/ Consell de Cent 382
08009 Barcelona - Spain

01 December 2019 - h:21.00
Karsilama European tour

Absenta del Raval,
Plaza del pes de la palla 5
08001 Barcelona - Spain

06 December 2019 - h:21.00
Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo
showcase new album "Pracina Stomp"

Associazione Alec
Via Maestra 30
Alba - Italy

07 December 2019 - h:20.00
Mandol'in Progress
"The Dark Side of the Mandolin"

St. Andrew's St. Baptist Church
St. Andrew's Street
Cambridge - UK

14 December 2019 - h:20.30
Karsilama European tour

Kultur Punkt!,
allerstrasse 13,
9230 Flawil - Switzerland

22 December 2019 - h:17.00
Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo
showcase new album "Pracina Stomp"

Piazza Zanardelli
Chiari (BS) - Italy

23 December 2019 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piper's Night
Apricale (IM) - Italy

28 December 2019 - h:21.00
Paolo Bonfani & Martino Coppo
showcase new album "Pracina Stomp"

Rebora Festival
Enoteca di Ovada e del Monferrato
Ovada (AL) - Italy

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