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Fy 8017
Dunya Records
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Beica, look in the local dialect, is the first recording by ARIONDELA, (Mallow), for our Dunya Records label.
ARIONDELA is a three girls group from Piedmont (Northern Italy), a region close to the French border. The group has surprised the Italian roots music scene with their unique style based on three-voices a cappella singing.
The repertoire of this a cappella ensemble is partially taken from the tradition of the Piedmontese valleys tradition and partially formed by original composition. The arrangements are all original echoing influence of contemporary music and the typical bordone style of folk music, with modern rhythmic approaches. The result is very original.
The group repertoire goes from dance (Beica), daily life songs (Tre comare di La Tor) to love songs (Darè 'd cola colin-a) to lullabies (Ninna Nanna della Fontana), classics of the Italian folk tradition (Sisilia) and religious songs (Giacoutin).
The texts are mostly in the local dialect but some are in French (Le premier jour du mois d'avril) and in langue d'oc (Giacoutin). There are also some non-musical texts that the group has put in music, always related to the local traditions.
Some proverbs and way of saying about the weather (Meteo) and even the recipe of the most important and typical dish of the Pidemontese cuisine (Bagna caoda calypso dixie) that might echo sounds of other lands but remain a special feature of local way of life.

ARIONDELA were founded in 1992 and is formed by Alba Spera, Maria Adelaide Negrin and Samuela Gallinari. It is an only vocal group and the three members have very different backgrounds. The group presents a repertoire of Piedmont and of some of its cultural enclaves (Occitan and Valdese Valleys) including also some songs from Savoie and Provence (France).
ARIONDELA take inspiration from the musical tradition of their land mixing high and low culture sources, the style of Gregorian chant and the singing styles of the '50s, skipping sometimes the major thirds, typical of the Alpine valleys, but including more percussive and rhythmic uses of the voices. What is of primary importance for the group is to move the listeners, to communicate with the audience.
ARIONDELA have collaborate in 1997 with La Piva dal Carner as special guests on some tracks of their last CD M'han Presa (Dunya Records - fy 8001). In 1998 have taken part to the musical concert Il Viaggio di Sigerico, produced with the help of EEC. ARIONDELA have recorded Mirasol (mc - Musica Mancina 1994); Dona Bianca (Cd - Musik'Alpes Prodcutions, 1996); Beica (Cd - Dunya Records 1999).

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Samuela Gallinari Maria
Adelaide Negrin
Alba Spera


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