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ANUPAMA BHAGWAT & V.K. RAMAN - Confluence (Indian Classical Duet)
Confluence (Indian Classical Duet)

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Our collection dedicated to Indian classic music is enriched by an important recording. The interpreters are two young artists who are imposing themselves among the most interesting of their generation: ANUPAMA BHAGWAT on the sitar and V.K.RAMAN on the bansuri (flute). Instrumentalists who both preserve the value of tradition and infuse in it a new vitality.

ANUPAMA started his studies of the sitar when he was a baby under R.N.Verma’s guidance. Then she studied with Bimalendu Mukherjee, master of gharana Imdadkhani. Thanks to these teaches she developed a remarkable technique in the most thoughtful alaap and in the fastest moments. She is appreciated not only in India but also in Europe and in USA where she already have been touring since years.
The flautist V.K.RAMAN studied with Mysore A V Prakash and with the famous Dr. N Ramani; he also performed in public with them. His recent recording, Music for Deep Meditation, got very good results in the ITunes hit parade.
Their Jugalbandi (duet) for its freshness and creativity reminds us those duets presented in the past by some of the best Indian musicians. Here the challenge is increased by the fact that ANUPAMA and RAMAN belong to two different cultures, Hindustani and Carnatic, but here North and South India meet in perfect harmony.
Their ability to improvise let the music flow in a spontaneous and free way, interlacing pleasant sound realizations.
Three ragas form the programme of the recording: Hamsadhwani, an evening hymn dedicated to Ganesh, Lathangi, a night raga with a long and intense execution, Sindu Bhairavi, usually played during the morning and, as we can see from its contemplative progression, it comes from a bucolic folklore theme.
In Lathangi we must underline the wonderful a solo by the two percussionists Nitin Mitta (tabla) and Vijay Ganesh (mridangam).



Anupama Bhagwat Sitar
V.K. Raman Flute
Nitin Mitta Tabla
Vijay Ganesh Mridangam


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