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SALETTI Stefano & Banda Ikona - Soundcity
SALETTI Stefano & Banda Ikona

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Soundcity, the fourth record of Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona, was born from Stefano’s travels along the “streets” of the Mediterranean. Discovering that the “Cities of Borders” bring us music and sounds of that complexity through all of their wealth of echoes, voices and tools.

"I started from the recordings that, in the past few years, I have made around the Mediterranean in many border cities: Lampedusa, Istanbul, Tangier, Lisbon, Jaffa, Sarajevo, Ventotene... Sounds, noises, radios, voices, sound spaces, buskers have all inspired my melodies, lyrics and rhythms. As always in my compositions I use Sabir, the language of the sea, together with Turkish, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Neapolitan, Swahili, Romanian and Macedonian to describe the richness, the hopes and the pain that inhabits the "streets" of the Mediterranean. Finally, having grown up, the band is no longer a Piccola Banda Ikona but Banda Ikona, a group of wonderful friends and musicians with whom I share this musical journey."
Stefano Saletti

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SALETTI Stefano & Banda Ikona - Mediterraneo Ostinato
SALETTI Stefano & Banda Ikona - Soundcity


Stefano Saletti : oud, bouzouki, guitar, saz, ukulele, vocals, piano, bodhran, talking drum, tammorra, cabasa, darbouka, marimba, programming
Barbara Eramo : vocals
Gabriele Coen : clarinet, sax
Mario Rivera : acoustic bass

Giovanni Lo Cascio : drums set, darbouka, davoul,riq, krakeb, talking drum
Arnaldo Vacca : bodhran, canjira, riq, darbouka, daf, udu, pumpkin, frame drum, talking drum, davoul, shaker, vibraton, castagnette

and :
Awa Ly : vocals (1,8)
Emeka Ogubunka : vocals (1)
Yasemin Sannino : vocals (2,6)
Riccardo Tesi : melodeon (2,5,6,7)
Pejman Tadayon : ney (2,6), daf (6)
Alessandro D'Alessandro : melodeon (3)
Lucilla Galeazzi : vocals (5)
Nando Citarella : vocals, tammorra, bodhran (5)
Giuliana De Donno : harp (7)
Gabriella Aiello : vocals (9)
Jamal Ouassini : violin (10)

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