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Simone NOBILI - By The River
By The River

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First solo album by guitarist and composer SIMONE NOBILI, here leading a trio (guitar, bass and drums) on two tracks expanded to quartet with presence, as special guest of Daniele Di Gregorio, whose vibraphone gives to the music the soft tone of the Burton’s collaboration with Keith Jarrett in the early Seventies, two points of reference for Simone’s music.

It is along the river banks, immerged in the silence of nature, in its quietness, far from the typical urban noises, that Simone composed and imagined most of the tracks of By the River, his first solo album. Almost to balance the atmosphere, these tunes have been added with others with a more urban sound.
SIMONE began playing guitar as a child and has always been fascinated by music in its many facets. The production of a CD in his own name, after several collective experiences, comes from the desire to leave a concrete example of what has been, and continues to be, the driving force of his existence: the music!

In By The River, where acoustic atmosphere prevail, Simone’s folk and classical guitar are accompanied by bass and drums (except in the last track which is an electric version of the title track), Simone is accompanied by a tested group of friends skillful, virtuous, and sensitive musicians: Massimo Ferri, Giacomo Dominici and Daniele Di Gregorio. The result is difficult to categorize in a single genre, Jazzy but with pop nuances pop and fingerpicking, there are several influences that can be recognized (Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, James Taylor, Pino Daniele) in other words all the passions and musical references that Simone wanted to explore with this work, melting them in a personal style.

SIMONE NOBILI was born in Pesaro in 1967 and plays the guitar since the age of 7. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatorium "G. Rossini "in Pesaro. Being an expert in effects use and MIDI technology applied to the guitar, he worked for three years as a designer and official demonstrator for Oberheim in Los Angeles, Nashville and Frankfurt.

He toured US with drummer Bernard Purdie (Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan), with keyboard players Patrick Moratz (Doobie Brothers, Yes), Steve Conn (Linda Ronsdat, Mary Chapin,Carpenter) and Delmar Brown (Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Gil Evans ).

In 2005 formed the New Vibes Trio with Daniele Di Gregorio (marimba) and Marco Pacassoni (vibes) playing at Fano Jazz By The Sea Festival and in other Jazz Festival in Italy and abroad.

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Simone NOBILI - By The River


Simone Nobili - acoustic guitar, electric (#10)
Massimo Ferri - drums
Giacomo Dominici - double bass
Daniele di Gregorio - vibes (#4,7)

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