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A caravan departing from Azerbaijan reaches the Eastern parts of the Anatolian peninsula , then the Aegean Sea and the shores of Tunisia and Southern Italy. Greek dances perfumed of Otoman sensuality
fast , obsessive Rom rhythms, Klezmer tunes with Balkan perfumes . Taksim and traditional Kurdish music in which echoes Caucasus and Persian sounds.

Born as a causal meeting of the Milanese guitarists FABIO MARCONI and MANUEL BUDA who were soon joined by the Kurdish musician, ASHTI ABDO, the trio ABDO-BUDA-MARCONI went well beyond the first casual encounter and after two years of hard work and several concerts together presents his first record: Karsilama. It is a work of which the three members are very proud because on this occasion they realized with satisfaction that their collaboration, born almost by chance, has created a human and sound alchemy that has allowed each of them to pull out the best of himself both humanly and musically. And the audience followed them by sharing emotions and great affection. The sound journey starts from Azerbaijan, to continue in the eastern part of the Anatolian peninsula (Turkey) up to the Aegean waters and go westwards, touching Tunisia and Southern Italy, among others, in a spontaneous and natural movement to signify the cultural homogeneity of a sea, the Mediterranean, which has connected co more than divided the countries.

ASHTI ABDO. Kurdish singer, musician and composer, he was born in Aleppo and raised in Afrin. He became passionate about music very early and spent his childhood in his village, listening to the stories and songs of the elderly. Learn to sing lullabies and play the typical Kurdish instrument, the tembûr (saz). After moving to Italy after adolescence, he continues to play the self-taught tembûr, starting to perform as a solo artist. In 2012 he joined the Domo Emigrantes, bringing to the band sounds and textures typical of the Middle East. The meeting with the group will lead him to get to know and play Southern Italy typical instruments and rhythms. From 2014 in the Piccola Banda Rebelde ensemble sings De André. In 2015 he also collaborated with Angelo Petraglia and Francesco Forzani, (musicians from Lodi,) creating Beja: music, storytelling, war, a musical improvisation project based on a personal translation of the war experience. In 2018 he won the DoReMiFaSud award, a competition that promotes integration and dialogue between different musical cultures.

MANUEL BUDA He graduated with the highest grade in classical guitar at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan and in the same years he graduated in Theoretical Physics, to then follow his research and fuse classical training with various musical experiences ranging from klezmer to flamenco, to rock and to the Arabic repertoire. Born in a half Jewish and half Christian family, with origins between south and central Italy, for several years he explored his Jewish roots through music, and the mutual influences with other repertoires around the Mediterranean. This path sees him co-founder of the NefEsh Trio, with which since 2006 he performs on the stage, in Europe and Israel. In 2008, just over twenty-five, he is among the thirty musicians invited by Kuki Gallman to represent the music of the five continents at the Earth Festival of Laikipia (Kenya). He regularly holds concerts and collaborates with artists such as Raiz, Giovanni Nuti, Monica Guerritore, Malika Ayane, and directors like Ruggero Gabbai, for whom he transcribes and records a version of Adio Querida - the famous Sephardic popular song.

FABIO MARCONI After studying jazz at the International Academy of Music in Milan, he began his research in the field of world music. First the Balkan music with Nema Problema Orchestra (2004) with which he was able to perform in various festivals and clubs throughout Europe. In particular, he dedicated himself to building a personal language turning his gaze to extra-European sound worlds, especially the Middle East. Since 2010 he collaborate with Camilla Barbarito, following the singer in her continuous research and deeping in the most disparate directions, from tango to fado, to flamenco, to swing and to bossa nova. He is a member of Connections Trio, a strongly jazz group in which he collaborates with the Turkish pianist Yigit Ozatalay, professor of piano composition and arrangement at the University of Music in Istanbul. In 2015 he began working with the famous tar player Fakhraddin Gafarov, in the quartet in his name, with whom he recorded the album Uzunderè (Milan/Baku2017) composed entirely of Caucasian music

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1. Kaytagi 4:45
2. Eman Hey Lê 4:30
3. Sultaniyegah Sirto 7:21
4. Astrakan Cafè 5:47
5. Mishebeyrekh Taksim 3:50
6. Sirba 3:36
7.Gundê Hember 5:08
8.Jovano Jovanke 8:35
9. Karsilama 3:24
10. Masâr 4:40


Manuel Buda – classic guitar , vocals
Ashti Abdo – tembûr (saz), vocal , percussions, duduk, marranzano
Fabio Marconi – violhao de choro a 7 strings ,backing vocals

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