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Cocò' 80

FY 7074

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With this new work, the trio composed by LUCIO VILLANI, AUGUSTO CRENI and MARCO MATURO takes a turning point by adding original pieces into their usual repertoire and accepts the challenge of transferring their style and consolidated working method to the great hits of the decade that marked a great change of the Pop: the eighties of the last century.

The ORCHESTRA COCO's method of re-arrange to their own style songs of the great orchestras and great performers of the early twentieth century, is now used for the pieces and the authors of a decade characterized by the advent of the strong technological innovation in the recording industry. The reinterpretation of what the use of new electronic tools has generated, in terms of sounds, is here proposed with the acoustic instruments of manouche tradition.

In this perspective, the song Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood), a manifesto of the 80s pop culture, opening the album, is introduced by Villani's double bass which punctuates the entire piece with the obsessive groove.
Enriched by pure acoustic sounds, the synthetizer’s sine waves are obtained using a large diapason and a Tibetan bell. Villani’s voice and the architecture of the riff are grafted onto the bass, reinterpreted by the two guitars blossoming solos. The album unfolds in a more usual way with She Drives me Crazy, a song dedicated to the woman who drives us crazy (present in every album of the trio) who, after an almost progressive intro, takes us back to swing with a doubling ending all with dance.

The poetry of Wonderful life is arranged in ballad style for a very pleasant listening. The brain will be stimulated instead with Sweet Dreams and its rhythmic interlocking. So here we are at the pillars of pop: Culture Club and Madonna, light-heartedness and rhythm with Karma Chameleon and La Isla Bonita in which a continuum of solos by Creni takes us into Latin music mood.

Then the amazing Take On me in a swing key and Mad World in waltz time, make us to sing along with Lucio Villani when he suddenly moves to Cindy Lauper in Girls They Want Have Fun. Maturo's manouche guitar paraphrases the cheesy Synth in a solo which flows into a children song. This is the world of dreams: Creni mocks a hypothetical electronic arpeggiato with a flurry of notes in manouche style and the Never Ending Story starts. The dream is transformed and becomes terrifying with Thriller. Here Michael Jackson's masterpiece is orchestrated with thrills and bowed double bass, transformed in another groove that acting as a counterpart to the relaxing opening of the record. The trio takes leave with Queen's Who Wants To Live For Ever.

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1. Relax 4.22
2. She Drives Me Crazy 3.15
3. Wonderful Life 4.36
4. Sweet Dreams 3.21
5. Karma Chameleon 3.40
6. La Isla Bonita 2.56
7. Take On Me 3.14
M8. Mad World 3.14
9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun 3.19
10. The Never Ending Story 3.44
11. Thriller 6.15
12. Who Wants To Live For Ever 4.23


Lucio Villani double bass, vocal

Augusto Creni guitar,
Marco Maturo guitar

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