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CALICANTO - Isole senza Mar
Isole senza Mar

World Music

1 CD

Music and stories from the Euganean Hills.

We are really pleased to get the present work into print, since it deals with a not very known aspect of our territory.
We are glad that this honour and burden has been given to and has been carried out by a historic group like Calicanto that has succeeded, through several cultural activities in Italy and abroad, in giving back dignity, revitalizing and suggesting new prospects to the musical tradition of Veneto and its surroundings and that, with this excellent work, is celebrating 25 years of activity.

A work that presents different keys to the reading and doesn’t hesitate, though in the respect of tradition, to present original themes, underlying once again the ability and the transversal sensibility of the group to involve in the CD not only prestigious international guests such as Milladoiro, J.M.Carlotti and D.Paris, but also the same old people as well as various musical entities present in the Euganean Hills and succeeding in building a cultural twinning with «Le Parc Des Volcans D’Auvergne» in France.
After two prestigious CDs like Labirintomare (water itinerary between Venezia, Istria and Dalmazia) and Sporco Mondo (love songs to the earth), Calicanto comes back to its first interests, putting to good use the numerous years of research spent in interviewing the old who are repositories of traditions which seem fading day after day and we miss more and more.
A painstaking work of research which later, according to the custom of the group, has been interpreted, arranged and compared with various musical, cultural and historical elements of the territory that contribute to define a unique style, full of charm. Here are the references to the troubadours of the Corte Estense, to Beatrice d’Este, to Petrarca, Shelley, the Gregorian chant, the rituals like the “batermarso”, echoes of bands, chorales, dances, lullabies, evocative poetic images which contribute to outline the subtle beauty of these hills and invite us to a new exciting journey along “our paths”.
Simone Campagnolo
President of the «Parco dei Colli Euganei»

Rich packaging in paer with a 88-pages four colours booklet that includes all the texts and presentation of the songs in English plus a very significant photographic
display of the area
* Calicanto, the most important world music band from North-Eastern Italy is back with a new CD .
*The CD is enriched by the presence of important international guests like the Spanish Milladoiro and the French Jan Marì Carlotti and Dominique Paris

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CALICANTO - Balè saltè putele
CALICANTO - Caliballo (Danze tradizionali del Veneto)
CALICANTO - Carta del Navegar Pitoresco
CALICANTO - De là de l
CALICANTO - I colli che cantano (Musiche tradizionali euganee)
CALICANTO - Isole senza Mar
CALICANTO - Labirintomare

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