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At the end of the '80s in various part of the World something important was happening on the music scene, in Italy too. Bands deeply rooted in the folk music after years of ethno-musicological researches open there ears to the contemporary sounds including in their music also sounds coming for other genres (rock, funky, jazz, pop, classical). This gave birth to a new sound that fused many different sources and experiences: the World Music.

This sound is today along with Electronic Music the most stimulating and live music we can hear today on the planet Earth. One of the first group to successfully play and research this path was surely the group KUNSERTU. Still today, 10 years after the release of their first CD and after being disbanded for a long time, they represent one of the most successful and seminal results of World Music in Italy for the originality and the novelty of their music.
KUNSERTU was a Sicilian band born in the early 80s, first the spent long studying and playing their local musical roots and realizing two LPs of Folk music. In the late 80s the band opened his music horizons first to the Mediterranean cultures and then to the sounds of rock & pop.

The group expanded adding new musicians, to the original members from Messina, Giacomo Farina and Nello Matroeni, more involved into the traditional sounds were added other players from Catania, Vincenzo Gangi, Tito Finocchairo, Stefano Foresta more interested in the funky aspects of the music. The singers raised to the number of three, beside the Sicilian Pippo Barrile we found a Palestinian Faisal Taher and a Senegalese Dudu Kwateh.
The result was a very unique blend of sounds very new not only for Italy but also on the European scene.
Since then many things have changed. The world is smaller in many senses (and not always for the better), our ears are now used to very weird sounds and combinations but nevertheless KUNSERTU deserve a place in the small history of World Music and the reprint of Shams can give an idea of were some of the things started.

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Pippo Barrile voice
Giorgio Di Bella drums, percussion
Giacomo Farina percussion
Tino Finocchiaro keyboards
Stefano Foresta saxesi
Vincenzo Gangi electric bass
Nello Mastroeni guitar, mandola
Faisal Taher voice
Arturo Terranova drums
Adbdoullaye Diop djembe
Gilvain Gomis voice
Dudu Kwateh voice
Corrado Sezzi tabla
Adjasy voice
Pape Mamadou Thiam voice
Licia Mazzamuto voice

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