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PALIOTTI Antonello Trio - Tarantella storta
PALIOTTI Antonello Trio
Tarantella storta

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There is nothing casual about the mediterranean sound of this CD, a delightful album from ANTONELLO PALIOTTI and his TRIO made up by the excellent Mauro Squillante and Leonardo Massa. Ironically entitled Tarantella storta it's an album played with great feeling and gusto . What we have here is a trio of highly gifted and inspired musicians, able to forge a dazzling acoustic sound which strikes the right balance between interpretative rigour and the typical passion of the sounds of Southern Italy.

A repertoire of morescas, tarantellas, serenades and other slices of southern life, reinterpreted with finesse and refinement thanks to the superb playing. All the clichés that since time immemorial have stuck to the Neapolitan tradition are patiently dismantled by ANTONELLO PALIOTTI with a critical though at the same time highly inventive spirit that lays bare the essence of a music too often deadened by supposedly popular and 'authentic' productions. By a kind of 'Italian Miracle' the sounds that issue from Tarantella Storta have the whiff of the new, the never-before heard, and it is in this unprecedented rediscovery of a tradition most unschooled listeners tend to consider old and musty, that the interest and value of the album lie. ANTONELLO PALIOTTI comeis the latest in a long line of musicians who for over a century have been mixing to perfection the ingredients of classicism and popular tradition, and who without losing itself in exotic mannerism, have been able to expand its horizons towards the rest of the Mediterranean, through knowing allusions to Arabic and Andalusian music. In the final analysisy Tarantella Storta is an album that quite simply speaks to the listener, a work the diligently unveils the whole expressive canvas of the Mediterranean mosaic, itself a work of art of which Naples has been the centre for almost three thousand years.

Antonello Paliotti - Guitarist and composer. He has been working with Roberto De Simone since 1986, as both a band director and composer (Le tarantelle del Rimorso, 1992; Populorum Progressio, 1994; L'opera dei Centosedici, 1997; Li turchi viaggiano, 1998, etc.). In 1995 he wrote Canto della Possibilità di sopravvivere for the saxophonist Michael Brecker and wind orchestra and in 1997 he composed Messa per il tempo di guerra for soloists and small orchestra. Nel 1996 he presented and conducted one of his own compositions O cao sem plumas, for voice and wind orchestra at the Roccella Jonica jaxx festival, while for Naples' Teatro San Carlo orchestra he has written a number of piecese Don Miguel s'en va t'en guerre, (1996); Le vieux et la mer, (1998); Quattro pezzi per archi e arpa (1999). Again in 1997 he composed the soundtrack for Pappi Corsicato's film La stirpe di Jana. He has also worked with RAI TV (Novecento Punto e a Capo, 1995; Radiotre Suite, 1996), the Art Ensemble of Chicago, RAISAT (Effimero barocco, 1998; Incantamento, 1998), Laura Angiulli, Antonio Capuano, Amnesty International, S. Pietro Conservatory in Majella, Naples, Michele Monetta, Festival International de Marmande, and many others.

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PALIOTTI Antonello Trio - Tarantella storta


Antonello Paliotti guitar, chitarra battente, percussion
Mauro Squillante mandolin, mandoloncello, percussion
Leonardo Massa cello, mandoloncello, percussion

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