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SIDH - Sultana

Fy 8151
World Music

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Algerian artist who recently moved to Italy, SIDH continues its personal elaboration of the musical tradition of the country he comes from. In 2006, the first recording for our label, Lila (FY 8123), had made to know and appreciate his unquestionable talent of blending together gnawa inheritance and modern sounds that travel on the routes of the Mediterranean and beyond.

His full bodied, soft and fascinating leading-voice gives core and substance to all and 14 songs incision, often constructed around the sound of gumbri (similar to an acoustic bass, with a wooden box and the strings derived from entrails of animals), of qraqeb (metal castanets of large dimensions which constitute the rhythm of music groups) and the bendir (a frame shaped drum), all instruments played by SIDH Sultana moreover, is a collective work to which many artists have lent their work, starting from our Renato Vecchio (sax, flute, duduk, CIARAMELLA) and Riccardo Manzi (bouzouki, electric guitar) – both already present in Lila – which are added, to give additional depth to the scene, Abdelfattah Kehailich (percussion, guellal, darabuka), Stephen Coy (electric bass), Hamid RASS el djbel (keyboards, accordion) and Roberto Pucci (Drums). plentiful and qualified are the guests (Andrea Sammartino, body; Greta bakers, Vocals; Belkacem Lahiani, acoustic bass; Zaki Bedaida, guitars; Hamidou Hamam, banjo, oud; Mohand Lahiani, Vocals; Youcef Grim, darabuka; Allal Belakhdar, keyboards, Malek Belkhoudja, violin; Valerio Antognelli, tenor sax; Abderazzak Allal, Drums) with the task to characterize with originality each song and enrich it with different nuances of style. Some tracks are soaked of deep spirituality and pervaded with an ecumenical feeling, some other do not lack in touching nowadays problems of the people who suffer or have suffered for socio- political matters. But in SIDH’s music even the private side has its importance, as the hymns of love and the songs designed to celebrate the force friendship witness.

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SIDH - Lila
SIDH - Sultana


Sidh Lead Vocals, Gumbri, Bendir, Qraqueb
Renato Vecchio Saxes, Flutes, Duduk, Ciaramella
Riccardo Manzi Bouzouki, Electric Guitar
Abdelfattah Kehailich Percussion, Guellal, Darabuka, Electronic Drums
Stephen Coy Bass
Hamid Rass El Djbel Keyboards, Accordion
Roberto Pucci Drums

Special Guests
Andrea Sammartino Keyboards, Organ (Tracks 3-6-9-12-13)
Greta Panettieri Choir (Track 9)
Belkacem Lahiani Acoustic Bass, Choir (Tracks 1-2-5-8-11)
Zaki Bedaida Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Choir (Tracks 1-2-5-8-9-11)
Hamidou Hamam Mandole, Banjo, Oud, Choir (Tracks 1-5-8-10-11)
Mohand Lahiani Special Vocal Choir (Tracks 1-5-11)
Youcef Grim Darabuka, (Tracks 1-2-8-11-13)
Allal Belakhdar Keyboards, Choir (Tracks 5-10)
Malek Belkhoudja Violin (Tracks 8-10-11)
Valerio Antognelli Tenor Sax (Tracks 2-3-7-9-13)
Abderazzak Allal Drums (Tracks 1-4-7-11)

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