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TARANTAVIRUS / Cesare Dell'Anna - Lu ragno arricchito
TARANTAVIRUS / Cesare Dell'Anna
Lu ragno arricchito

World Music

11 / 8 Records (Italia)
1 CD

TARANTAVIRUS is a production and representation of the contamination between the meridian spirit and new electric technologies, created for the young- and underground musical taste. It is an open project that pertains techno-pizzica and traditional music from Salento. An orchestration that considers the taste and influence of new world music and of its rites (like raves) that welcomes and spreads it.

In TARANTAVIRUS the traditional music of Salento is renewed and mixed by electronic experimentations and jazz. The music is re-represented, stroked and routes from jazz, where the beat transforms the performance in a sort of rave, and the trance is accompanied by the vocals of the most important and representative singers of Salento. The transformation sees the presence of the most interesting figures of the Italian musical panorama.
The live project is seen as an underground rave heavily influenced by the local traditional music.
The CD is the recording of a famous live show that was held in Soleto (Lecce - Italy) hosted by the festival La Notte della Taranta in August 2006. It was here where part of the most representative musicians and singers of traditional music of Salento coupled with local DJs, fused together to create an unforgettable stage for this new underground jazz sound. The stage shows were accompanied by very prominent musicians such as the jazz saxophonist Raffaele Casarano, pianists Mirko Signorile, Marco Rollo and Mauro Tre, on horns featured Giancarlo Dell'Anna, Davide Arena, Luca Manno, vocalist Claudio Cavallo Giagnotti and Stefano Valenzano on bass with Egidio Rondinone on drums and Marcello Zappatore on guitar for an irresistible Black Night summoning the voice of Christoforo Micheli.
The ensemble is directed by CESARE DELL'ANNA, creator and composer of most of the music upon which they grafted the traditional songs and rhythms of the project.
Among the singers, accompanied Said Tibari with its Maghreb melodies and the songs of Enza Pagliara, Emanuele Licci and Claudio Cavallo.
Guests on Live shows: Menamename featuring Vito Giannone singing the wonderful pizzica dance crossed with this new underground jazz sound.

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