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CASTRIGNANO' Antonio - Mara la Fatìa - Storie di pizziche tarante e tarantelle
Mara la Fatìa - Storie di pizziche tarante e tarantelle

Fy 8170
World Music

Felmay Records
1 CD

Mara la fatìa (Working is hard and bitter), this is the title of the new recording of Antonio CASTRIGNANÒ, presented during the Festival La Notte della Taranta 2010. Author of the soundtrack of Nuovomondo by Emanuele Crialese (2006 Silver Lion Venice Film Festival) nominee for the 2007 Silver Ribbon Prize and Golden Ciak, Antonio CASTRIGNANO’ represents today’s musical and oral reality of Salento music culture, now consolidated after twenty years of productions.

Skilful and spontaneous in blending musical traditions from his land together with the most various musical languages, CASTRIGNANO’ creates sounds and atmospheres intertwining past and present, thus touching poetic heights and pure rhythmic explosions.

Mara la fatìa (Working is hard) says the title of this thorough and valuable creation in which atmospheres recall a long gone peasantry world, built on hard work, sweat and deprivation. A world recreated with love and intensity. A world that comes back to life thanks to poetic arrangements of strophes and refrains rich of nuances, a careful production faithful to the popular inspiration also in modern compositions.
Lullabies, fiery dances and melting serenades: CASTRIGNANO’ offers us a lively universe, nocturnal and melancholic at times, soaked in the archaic sounds of his homeland, a slice of everyday life full of dreams, loves, hopes as well as sweat of people used to «sing their land».

CASTRIGNANO’ collaborated with some celebrated groups such as Terra d’Otranto, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino and Aramirè, and as vocals and drum with Ensemble Notte della Taranta, he shared the scene with artists as Stewart Copeland, Mauro Pagani, Trilok Gurtu, Negramaro, Vinicio Capossela, Franco Battiato, Carmen Consoli, Caparezza, Ambrogio Sparagna, Giovanna Marini, performing for renowned festivals around the world.

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