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ROMANO Edmondo - Sonno Eliso
ROMANO Edmondo
Sonno Eliso

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First solo CD for EDMONDO ROMANO: woodwinds instrumentalist, Edmondo has been composing for about 20 years for different ensemble (Avarta, Orchestra Bailam, Eris Pluvia) and he keeps on co-operating with various Italian artists from the most different fields (cinema, theater and music).

Sonno Eliso (Elysium Sleep) is the first part of the Trilogy dedicated to Communication among different realities: it is all about the duality between male and female.
The work shows then two specular parts: the first one is dedicated to the female, the second one to the male. In the final track, the two realities coexist, but with odd rhythms (the female) and even rhythms (the male), like two melodic and rhythmic cells which are never the same and evolve themselves to the thin equilibrium reached during the final harmonic meeting.
The main theme is the collision Man versus Woman, who have always been looking for a balance between being together and being separated on the search for an inner harmony.
Sonno is intended like an weakening of life, Eliso is the repression or paradise…

The compositions are instrumental and combine the contemporary musical world with minimal, ethnic and experimental music merging the sounds of different instruments like saxes, Iranian zarb, classical bassoon, Arabic lute to reach a strong emotional fusion.
The CD produced in collaboration with Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi, includes a video made and directed by EDMONDO ROMANO with Compagnia Teatro Nudo.

«The first thing that struck me in listening to the CD by Edmondo Romano was the sound. Not only the tune of his instrument, but the general sound that display the maturity of an artist who sews a patchwork of genres and music without the limitations of geography…
Given the new geo-political scenarios in the Mediterranean Sleep Elysium could not be more timely.
With great passion and surprising results.»
Paolo Fresu

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ROMANO Edmondo - Missive Archetipe
ROMANO Edmondo - Sonno Eliso


Edmondo Romano sax, clarinet, duduk, low whistle, santur
Mario Arcari oboe
Alessio Pisani bassoon, contrabassoon
Ares Tavolazzi, Riccardo Barbera double - bass
Marco Fadda tabla, stomp box, duff, zarb, darabouka, riqq, cangira, zils
Roberto Piga violin, viola
Kim Schiffo cello
Elias Nardi oud
Fabio Vernizzi piano
Daniel Bicego horn
Luca Montagliani accordion

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