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AAVV - From Another World: A tribute to Bob Dylan
From Another World: A tribute to Bob Dylan

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These adaptations of Bob Dylan’s work have been compiled as a tribute to the unique poetic value, in its humanity, its prophetic, traditional and at the same time activist nature.
Artists from across the world of different ethnic and traditional cultures, where poetry and music continue to hold a social or ritual signification, have captured, in their own way the universal implications of dylan’s prose.
“soneros” from Cuba, Gypsies from Rumania, poets from Rajasthan, musicians of the Nile, Persian sufis, have each chosen to portray in their own way, one song from Dylan’s repertory whose subject has a particular link to their own culture.
Dylan’s inimitable lyrics have been translated into the local community language of each artist and then tailored to suit the verse and rhythmical patterns of the vocal and musical style.

Alain Weber, producer of the album, held a particular desire to see its completion.
this reputable festival director (Fez in Morocco, les Orientales in France, the World Sufi Spirit Festival in India), advisor to the French institution Cité de la Musique in Paris and brother in spirit to numerous gypsy musicians, is one of the finest experts of dylan’s work.
“an idea had been growing in my head for a long time, which was to create a link between Dylan’s poetry and that of the deep traditional poetry of Asia, of the Arab world and also that of the Cuban trovadores or the Australian Aboriginies”.
“one of the greatest poets, Bob Dylan is understood well beyond cultures, by very different people. in this respect he touches universality”.

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


1. All Along the Watchtower - Eliades Ochoa 4:29
2. Mr Tambourine Man - Purna Das Baul 3:32
3. Corinna, Corinna - Taraf Of Haidouks 5:37
4. I Want You - Burma Orchestra Saing Waing 3:05
5. Every Grain of Sand - Salah Aghili 7:49
6. Tangled Up in Blue - Musicians Of The Nile
7. Jokerman - Divana 6:19
8. Blowin' in the Wind - Kek Lang 4:07
9. I Want You - Trio Mei Li De Dao 5:35
10. With God On Our Side - Lhamo Dukpa 7:19
11. Man Gave Names to All the Animals - Sayfi Mohamed Tahar 6:56
12. Rainy Day Woman #12&35 - Kocani Orkestar
13. Father of Night - Aboriginal People Yolingu 2:47

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