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CARGO SENTIMENTO POPOLARE D'ASSALTO is the new musical project by CAMILLA BARBARITO, supported by Fabio Marconi, guitarist and co-arranger, Alberto N.A. Turra on electric guitar and Stefano Grasso on drums. The singer releases her third album with Felmay and continues her research in the field of Italian and international world music. The repertoire spaces through a mix of rural Italian songs blended with West African, Balkan, rock and folk sounds, revising popular songs from Albania, Iran, Portugal, Spain, France and Eastern Europe.

The name of the ensemble was born during the band's frequent forays into the peripheral neighborhoods of the city of Milan, made possible by the presence of the cargo bikes of Share Radio, a metropolitan radio born in Baggio, in the hinterland of the city. The result is an eco-sustainable sound system that transforms courtyards into areas of music and culture. The band is therefore aimed at all those who see in music a possibility of expression and meeting between people and cultures. This mixed sound is nourished by the great eclecticism of all four members, who range stylistically in various and different directions. There is no shortage of psychedelic aspects and experimentation, coherently with the idea of live performance as a secular rite and moment of togetherness.

CAMILLA BARBARITO is a singer and performer from Milan born in 1978 who trained through a path of experimental theater and singing, thanks also to some youthful tours in Sub-Saharan Africa and the consequent discovery of non-European cultures. She collaborates with numerous musical ensembles, carrying out her own research in the field of world music and as a vocal performer and sometimes as an actress, within shows and concerts of an experimental nature. Camilla in the years collaborated with Vladimir Denissenkov, Ivana Monti, Jovica Jovic, Paolo Rossi, Roberta Torre, Agon, Teatro delle Moire, Duccio Bellugi (Theatre du Soleil), Nema Problema Orkestar, Musicamorfosi, Teatro Menotti, Renata Ciaravino, Renato Gabrielli, Fondazione il Lazzaretto, Rapsodija Trio, Valentina Picello, Olinda, Seton Hall University, New Jersey.
With Felmay Records she has recorded two albums under her own name involving around thirty instrumentalists, that obtained significant international success in specialized media. She produced the music for some theater shows including Lucia Vasini's Mistero Buffo produced by Teatro Menotti. In many years of career she has won several awards in both theatrical and musical fields. She is often a guest on Radio Popolare and on the Piazza Verdi (Rai Radio Tre). She is the creator of the character Nina Madù, who, together with the band Le Reliquie Edibles, has become appreciated in the independent sector. With Paolino Dalla Porta she is the creator of Le tue parole all'impresa, a radical improvisation performance based on audience texts. Together with Fabio Marconi she is the artistic director of the musical festival La Cura di Dioniso. For twenty years she led training workshops on the topic of expressiveness and vocality and directs the Parco Trotter Women's Voices Choir and the Singular Voices Choir with psychiatric patients at the Santi Paolo e Carlo Hospital. She has conducted workshops in public schools, universities, in various contexts and within Roma (Gypsy) camps.



1. Besa Shqiptare - Zef Beka, Camilla Barbarito – 2:00
2. Basavaievatanam - Bollsamad Andalibi – 4:30
3. Si ’na goccia - Enzo del Re – 2:35
4. Amandiath - Khaira Arby – 4:50
5. Keckes - Tradizionale ungherese – Ungheria - 1:55
6. Tutti frutti - Tradizionale Rom – Romania - 2:00
7. A Megfogom Az Ordogod - Sidoo Attila – Ungheria 2:25
8. Duj Duj -Tradizionale Rom – Repubblica Ceca – 1:26
9. Lamento per la morte di Pasolini - Giovanna Marini 5:21
10. Ai Solidom - Tradizionale portoghese – Portogallo 4:53
11. Historia de Juan Castillo - Los Chichos – 3:28
12. Dema Dae Mol Te Peau – Trad. Rom Romania – 5:14
13. Le rififi - Michel Philippe-Gerard/Jacques Larue – 6:00
14. Accusato di tradimento - tradizionale romano – 2:46
15. Medley del padronato - 4.28


Alberto N.A. Turra electric quitar
Fabio Marconi electric quitar.
Stefano Grasso drums

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