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AAVV - Canti Randagi 2 - Omaggio a Fabrizio De Andrè
Canti Randagi 2 - Omaggio a Fabrizio De Andrè

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25 years after the international success of Creuza de Ma, another recording project took place, Canti Randagi, (Stray songs) that in 1994 celebrated the event. Today a new, live, version (Canti Randagi 2) takes life. Revised in its course, throughout the time, the project has been transformed into a tribute to the cultural legacy of Fabrizio De André and his artistic genius, greatly missed today.
During the MEI (Independent Labels Meeting), sponsored by the Foundation Fabrizio De André – a non-profit organization - it has then been decided to revisit classic songs of the repertoire of the great author of Genoa.
Canti Randagi 2, represents an incursion into the territories of traditional music in search of a balance between past and future of Italian folk music and its special relationship with the sung word. Fabrizio De André, with Creuza de Ma, had successfully tested the relationship between the pop song format and the dialect.Around the unity of the repertoire of Fabrizio De André, ten musical groups offer their reworking of songs of the artist, adapting them to their expressive talents and musical sounds of their dialects.
Here are the protagonists: BARABAN, (Lumbardy) with the song Fiume Sand Creek; BEVANO EST and John De LEO (Emilia Romagna) with Il Suonatore Jones, Elena LEDDA (Sardinia) performs Preghiera in gennaio; RICCARDO TESI and BANDAITALIANA (Tuscany) present their version of Franziska , in Occitan, with the participation of the vocal duo TROBAIRITZ D'OC; LA SEDON SALVADIE (Friuli) proposes La ballata dell'eroe. And then Mario INCUDINE & GRUPPO TERRA (Sicily) with a particular version of Bocca di rosa, performed with the P-BAND FUNKING; Graziano ACCINI & ETHNOS Trio (Basilicata) perform Andrea, while PIETRARSA / Mimmo MAGLIONICO (Campania) with the participation of Marzouk MEJRI, present Sinàn capudàn pascià.
To embellish the event qualifying interventions are added, Petra MAGONI & Ferruccio SPINETTI,, provocatively in French with La romance de Marinella (La canzone di Marinella) and Cristiano de ANDRE’, in Ligurian dialect sings  Çímma.
Presenting Canti Randagi 2 beside to the love for one of the greatest exponents of the art and civilian songwriting in Italy, is a testament to the intellectual role of Fabrizio De Andrè, a thinker who regarded the dialect as a real popular language, sort of laboratory, whose rich endowment of imagination, allowed the official language to improve, upgrade and evolve.

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AAVV - 36° Festival Interceltique de Lorient


1. Mario Incudine & Gruppo Terra
feat. P-Funking Band
Vuccuzza Di Ciuri (Bocca Di Rosa)
2. Elena Ledda Quartetto
Pregadoria in Gennargiu (Preghiera in Gennaio)
3. Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana feat. Trobairitz D’oc
Franziska (Franziska)
4. La Sedon Salvadie
La Balade da l’eroi (La Ballata dell’eroe)
5. Graziano Accinni & Ethnos Trio
6. Pietrarsa & Mimmo Maglionico Feat. Marzouk Mejri
Sinàn Capudàn Pascià
7. Cristiano De Andre’
'A Çimma
8. Bevano Est & John De Leo
E Sunador Jones (Il Suonatore Jones)
9. Baraban
Fiume Sand Creek (Fiume Sand Creek)
10. Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti - “Musica Nuda”
La Romance De Marinelle


Mario Incudine & Gruppo Terra
Elena Ledda Quartetto
Riccardo Tesi, Banditaliana & Trobairitz d'Oc
La Sedon Salvadie
Graziano Accinni & Ethnos Trio
Pietrarsa e Mimmo Maglionico
Cristiano De Andrè
Bevano Est & John De Leo
Pietra Magoni e Ferruccio Spinetti

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