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D'ANDREA Franco - Traditions Today / Trio Music Vol. III
Traditions Today / Trio Music Vol. III

Parco della Musica Records
CD Doppio

Parco della Musica Records presents the second volume of the Trio Music project dedicated to Franco D'Andrea. It comes on his seventy-fifth birthday and the Award Career Recognition for its extraordinary artistic journey and the profound human and professional connection that unites him to Fondazione Musica per Roma. After the first volume focused on the Electric Tree with DJ Rocca & Andrea Ayassot, and the second volume featuring the Piano Trio with Aldo Mella & Zeno De Rossi, this third volume "Traditions Today", sees the participation of the thrombonist Mauro Ottolini and clarinettist Daniele D'Agaro. “The band was the reference color of traditional jazz, which is the music that fascinated me in my debut” - says Franco D'Andrea. “Louis Armstrong's Hot Five line-up included trumpet, clarinet, trombone, piano and drum or banjo. This combination of instruments, absolutely magic to me, still has a lot to offer to the jazz music of our time. This trio contains in itself the essence of the sound of a band, in which characteristic instruments are definitely the clarinet, representing the reeds, and the trombone, as for the brass. The piano in this context can play a variety of roles thanks to its orchestrality. The music develops between riffs, polyrhythms, improvised counterpoint, contemporary abstractions and sonorities sometimes inspired by Ellington’s jungle style.”


CD 1 - Live Session
1. The Telecaster / Afro Abstraction / I Got Rhythm
2. Basin Street Blues
3. Via libera
4. Naima
5. Muskrat Rumble / King Porter Stomp / Grapes
6. Saint Louis Blues / I've Found A New Baby
7. Staccato 1
CD 2 - Studio Session
1. m2+M3
2. Savoy Blues
3. I Got Rhythm
4. Lychees
5. Staccato 2
6. m2+M3 (alternate take)
7. Savoy Blues (alternate take)
8. Lychees (alternate take)


Franco D'Andrea - piano
Daniele D'Agaro - clarinet
Mauro Ottolini - trombone


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