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STÀLTERI Arturo - Low & Loud
Low & Loud

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Low & Loud is ARTURO STÀLTERI’s new CD, taking advantage of the many tonal and dynamic nuances that the piano instrument is able to offer with a repertoire
that spans along most of the Arturo’s passions from he classical ones (Bach, Pachelbel), to rock (Rolling Stones) and his composer’s vein.

Low & Loud is the CD of ARTURO STÀLTERI, a homage to the piano lived in total, taking advantage of the many tonal and dynamic nuances that the instrument is able to offer. The title can be translated as "Piano and Forte", although in English "low" refers above all to the term "basso", in all its meanings (such as low volume or low frequency). This particular word was not chosen or used by chance: in fact, on the disc, STÀLTERI wanted to focus on those frequencies that arise after having used every single key of the instrument, creating other sounds well highlighted in the CD thanks to a careful post-production work.
Twelve tracks, eight from same STÀLTERI, and four tributes to other composers, in a CD where more sources of inspiration live together, from JRR Tolkien's passion for Middle-earth (Un viaggio inaspettato), to the Celtic and Childhood world told in The Quiet Road To The Sea (a lullaby), passing through the never-dying Christmas Day love of Christmas Day, without forgetting the composer's obsession with the inexorable passing of time, which swirls us along without leaving us away exit (La vertigine del tempo), until reaching the borders with other worlds (Another Land).
The artist also pays homage to J.S. Bach, improvising on the famous choral Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme, and revisits in his own way Lady Jane of the Rolling Stones, one of the most "classical" songs of the English band, which includes in its original version instruments such as harpsichord and dulcimer . He then turned to Rino Gaetano of Gapito Malteni Il Ferroviere, in memory of his collaboration with the unforgettable singer-songwriter in the seventies (his piano and keyboards on Ma il cielo è sempre più blu and of the following albums Mio fratello è figlio unico and Aida). For this Arturo has even bothered Fryderyk Chopin, inserting in the song a quotation from the Studio In F minor Op.10 N ° 9. The album ends with the re-elaboration for three pianos of the famous Canon In D Major by Johann Pachelbel, written at the end of the ’600, for three violins and basso continuo.

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1. Tristes vagues
2. Lady Jane
3. Un viaggio inaspettato
4. The quiet road to the sea
5. Agapito Malteni il ferroviere
6. La vertigine del tempo
7. Christmas Day
8. Fantasia su un tema di J.S. Bach
9. Another Land
10. Dioniso si diverte
11. Mon Jardin
12. Canone in re maggiore


Arturo Stalteri - piano

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