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EPIFANI Mimmo - Putiferio

FT 77
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“Taranta”, “Pizzica” and barber music with an happy looking, full of tradition but also taking part of contemporary sounds, in the unique style of Mimmo Epifani. He is considered a particular character both as performer and for innovations and improvisations applied to his instruments : mandolin and mandola.

Mimmo Epifani is considered a particular character, both as performer both for the innovations and for techniques of improvisation applied to his instruments: the mandolin and the mandola.
Among these, we can find the technique of the "barber" mandola, so call because it was trasmitted to the boys in some barber saloon of St. Vito dei Normanni (in Puglia, south of Italy) from Costantino Vita, barber and musician, and from Peppu D’Augusta, leader of little “orchestrine” playng the today well known “Pizzica” (the therapeutic dance of the Salento, also known as “dance of St. Vito).
Putiferio (somethig like “mess”) is a new and lively proposal of southern music, among set and sounds of
barberia in the style of the inimitable author and mandolinist Mimmo Epifani.
A happy and conscius looking, full of tradition and partecipe of the contemporary sonorities, thanks to
the presence of musician and sound engineer Francesco Santalucia, coauthor of all tracks.
Music for dancing and for remember: the Maestro Antonio Infantino (recently disappeard) is still live
in the memory and in the words of Putiferio musicians: A te maestro de li tarant, a te maestro di tutti quant, a te Maestro de li tarant, mo sta suene pi li santi.

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1.Festa Bona
4.Mamma Terra
5.Bedda ci stai luntanu


Mimmo Epifani : mandola,strings,cavaquinho
Francesco Santalucia : elettronics,balafon,percussions,piano
Giuseppino Grassi : mandola,guitar
Michele Ascolese : bouzouki,classic guitar
Jose Barròs : braguesa guitar
Lorenzo Barone : classic guitar
Sasa Flauto : chorus
Marilena Gragnaniello : voice
Martina Catalfamo : voice
Francesco Crudele : chorus
Iseno Tamburlani : chorus


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