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PEDDIO Paride & DELLA MARIANNA Jonathan - Brinca

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Paride Peddio (melodeon) and Jonathan Della Marianna (launeddas, flutes) are two young virtuosos of traditional Sardinian music.
"Brinca" means "Jump!" and this their first album contains ten dances repurposed in a new and original way, to listen to, but above all to dance. They are joined by Carlo Crisponi and Federico Di Chiara, singers of the new Sardinian folk scene, and guitarist David Pudda. To further enrich the line-up two special guests: Elena Ledda, internationally known as the most beautiful voice of Sardinia, and Beppe Dettori former singer of Tanca Ruja and Tazenda. "Brinca", with the strength of these amazing young performers, demonstrates once again the vitality of a unique tradition in the Mediterranean.

“Brinca” was conceived by Paride Peddio and Jonathan Della Marianna, two young Sardinian musicians from Desulo (Nuoro) and Escalaplano (Cagliari), who decided to undertake this project after a long-term cooperation.
Despite their young age, both are already virtuosos of their instruments, typical of Sardinian music: Paride on melodeon and Jonathan on launeddas and flutes.
The album contains ten traditional tracks, repurposed in an acoustic version. Almost an hour of Sardinian folk music to listen to and especially dance to.
“Brincare” in Sardinian is the infinitive form of the verb to jump. “Brinca” ( jump !) is therefore an invitation to dance.
Each dance is reinterpreted in a new and original way, with arrangements that bring out the musicians' great talent.
Some musician-friends of Paride and Jonathan, who the artists have been cooperating with for a while, were also involved in the project.
The voice parts were assigned to two young Sardinian folk artists: Carlo Crisponi, one of the most original performers of “ballo cantato” (dance accompanied by singing); Federico Di Chiara, an extremely versatile singer and a virtuoso on the harmonica. The “Sardinian” guitar is played by Davide Pudda, with his personal “sound” rich in phrasing, rhythm and harmonic scales typical of the “canto in re” (Song in D).
“Brinca” also features two exceptional guest appearances: Elena Ledda and Beppe Dettori.
Elena Ledda is the most famous Sardinian artist at an international level. She is considered the “voice of Sardinia”, the successor of the great Maria Carta. In the album she sings “Ballittu cantau”.
Beppe Dettori, a former singer of Tanca Ruja and Tazenda, is a “master of voice” who moves between pop and world music. In the album he sings "A diosa - No potho reposare” (a classic of Sardinian music) and “Anninnora”.
“Brinca” is also meant to be a tribute to Paride and Jonathan's teachers and those who inspired them. The melodeon player from Desulo dedicates the album to his grandfather Salvatore Peddio, a player known all over Sardinia as “Bengasi”. Jonathan thanks maestro Orlando Mascia for his teachings.

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Paride Peddio : melodeonJonathan Della Marianna : launeddas, sullittus (flutes), trunfa (jew's harp)

With :
Carlo Crisponi : voice
Federico Di Chiara : voice, harmonica
Davide Pudda : sardinian guitar

Special guests :
Elena Ledda : voice
Beppe Dettori : voice

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