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GUO GAN  - Guo Gan Swordmen Trio
Guo Gan Swordmen Trio

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GUO GAN presents his new Chinese music trio. After his experiences through several collaborations with musicians of various parts of the world (Mali, Turkey, France) or his solo album of classical pieces by legendary composer Liu Tian Hua, in this album GUO GAN returns to his roots presenting a new trio, named SWORDMEN TRIO, with two skillful COMPANIONS on fundamental Chinese instruments: Liu Yi Qing Pipa (lute,vocal) and Chen Jiann (Guzheng,vocal). The program blends classical compositions with new pieces penned by GUO GAN. New element, in this album is the presence of the voice singing poems from the Tang Dinasty.

The program of the album includes some masterpieces of the Chinese classical music repertoire beautifully arranged by GUO GAN and his original compositions. With his very personal, lyrical and romantic sound, GUO GAN once again manages to enhance the communicative and emotional aspect of the melodies of his songs.

Master GUO GAN is the first Chinese folk musician and erhu performer to win many international awards, including 2016 Medalist of the Knights in French Literature and Arts, GUO GAN holds a bachelor’s degree in music (Erhu) from Shenyang Conservatory of Music and a master’s degree from the National Music School of Fresnes in Paris. Heplsyed ed over 5000 concerts in more than 100 countries, published more than 80 albums, integrating rich elements into them, including world music, classic, jazz, ballet, opera, modern and pop. His masterpieces are heard in many Chinese and Western movies, such as Kung Fu Panda 3, Shaolin, and L’Idole. He is a frequent player at many worldwide famous concert halls like New York Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Hall. He worked with a long list of well-known musicians, including Lang Lang, and Hans Zimmer, Yvan Cassar, Didier Lockwood, Gabrel Yared, Jean François Zygel, Nguyen le, Mathias Duplessy, Sebastien Damiani a.o. and riches in working experience with Orchestras like the National Symphony Orchestra of the Paris. New York and Chine.

Pipa musician, LIUYI QING was born into a family of musicians in 1980. At 6, he studied pipa with his father. In 2005, he went to France for studies and in 2011 he graduated from the Paris 7th Conservatory and the Saint Maur des Fosses Conservatory. He obtained a DEM diploma in jazz. In 2020 He is studying at the Aubervilliers Conservatory, the discipline is improvisation. it is engaged in promoting Chinese music culture, integrating Chinese and Western music, and improvising. He is an independent musician in France. he cooperated a lot with musicians from all over. the world, and has perfectly integrated elements of Chinese music in Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop, Electronic Music, Pop, Blues, Flamenco, etc ... in different styles of music. Through aesthetic judgment and exploration of various musical works of different styles of music, through artistic recreation and integration, discover a new world of Chinese music and keep pace with time. Explore the innovation of Chinese music from an international perspective, and use the international musical language to convey
and promote Chinese music

Guzheng is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with a history of about 2,500 years. Its sound is crisp and loud enough to express many musical contents. It is one of the most popular traditional musical instruments in China. CHEN JIAN started learning the guzheng at the age of six, following many famous guzheng professors. His style can be both rough and bold and exciting, but also delicate and round to give people an elegant enjoyment.

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1. On the Stork Tower (Tang poetry by Wang Zhihuan/Guo Gan)
2. House of Flying Daggers (Trad./ Liu Yi Qing)
3. Tea-picking dance (Trad. /Guo Gan)
4. Battle Typhoon (Chang Yuan Wang)
5. Beautiful JiangNan (Trad./ Guo Gan)
6. Viewing the Waterfall at Mount Lu (Tang poetry by Li Bai / Guo Gan)
7. Cowbells in the wind (Guo Gan)
8. Thunder in Drought (Trad. /Guo Gan)
9. Fly (Fei Tian) (Guo Gan)
10. New horse racing (Hai Huai Huang / Guo Gan)


Guo Gsn erhu, voce

Liu Yi Qing- pipa - voce
Chen Jiann - guzheng,vocal

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